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Remanufactured Viper V-10 Long Block - 1992-95

Remanufactured Viper V-10 Long Block - 1992-95

Your Price: $10000.00

Part Number :R1080425AA


This Viper V-10 Long Block has been dyno-tuned with papers. It contains new; pistions, pins, rings, timing chain set, main and connecting rob bearings, freeze plugs, water pump, plugs and plug wires, gaskets and seals, valve springs, and lifters. It has remanufactured; cylinder block, cylinder heads, crankshaft, oil pump, oil pan, and cylinder head covers.

This V-10 Long block has been remanufactured to DaimlerChrysler engineering specifications and comes with a 90-day warranty if installed in a Viper vehicle.

Viper V-10 Long Blocks have a $2,550 core charge.


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